When using Lightspeed K-Series, merchants will add menu items, accounting groups, production centers, and configure printers within the Lightspeed Back Office.

💫 If you’re just getting started, please refer to our Lightspeed K Quick Start Guide.

If you already have Fresh KDS set up as a printer in the Back Office, Items/ Item Groups/ Combos can be routed to display on specific Fresh KDS screens.

  • Items - Standard food and beverage products. (e.g. Strawberry Milkshake, Banana Milkshake, Chocolate Milkshake, etc.)

  • Item Groups - Groups like-items on a menu. (e.g. Milkshakes)

  • Combos - Groups multiple Item Groups at a fixed price. (e.g. Milkshakes & Sandwiches)

💡 For help importing menus into the Back Office, or creating Item Groups & Combos, please refer to the Lightspeed K Help Guide.

Item-Level Routing

When items are ordered, Lightspeed verifies its assigned Accounting Group, which includes a Production Center, to determine where to send the order.

  • Accounting Groups are categories that sort and apply the same tax profile, accounting ID, and production centers to items. (e.g. Alcohol, N/A Drinks, etc.)

  • Production Centers are the printing destination for orders. (e.g. Kitchen Bar, etc.)

How to Add Items to an Accounting Group

  1. To start, log into the Lightspeed Back Office using your account credentials.

  2. Navigate to Menu Management - Accounting Group.

  3. Click ‘Items’ next to the desired accounting group.

  4. Click to add the menu item, item group, or combo.

  5. Complete the item information fields.

  6. Click ‘Save.’

💡 Need additional help?

Please refer to the Lightspeed K Help Guide.

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