If enrolled in our Advanced Tier, Fresh KDS supports ticket printing with the Epson TM-M30ii Bluetooth Printer.

*Please note: This model only prints paper receipts, and does not print sticky labels.

Step 1: Set up the Epson TM-M30ii Printer. (2 Parts)

Part 1: Connect the Printer to a Power Source. 🔌

Before you begin, make sure the Epson Printer is turned off.

  1. Connect the AC cable to the AC adapter.

  2. Connect the DC cable of the AC adapter to the power supply connector.

  3. Insert the AC plug into the appropriate electrical outlet.

  4. Turn on the printer.

    Connect Epson TM-M30ii to power step 1

    Connect Epson TM-M30ii to power step 2

Part 2: Insert a Receipt Roll

  1. Open the printer; pull up on the latch and lift the cover upwards.

  2. Insert the receipt roll with the printing surface facing up. Pull some of the paper through (beyond the cutter) before closing the lid.

  3. Close the printer; push and hold down the center of the printer cover firmly.

Note: The Epson Printer can be installed with the paper ejected from the top, or with the paper ejected from the front, as seen below.

Insert Receipt Paper for Epson TM-M30ii step 1
Receipt paper eject options for Epson TM-M30ii

💡 For additional help and in-depth printer information, please refer to the Epson TM-M30ii Technical Reference Guide.

Step 2: Pair the Epson Printer with your Tablet via Bluetooth.

  1. From your Fresh KDS tablet device, navigate to Settings - Bluetooth.

  2. Select the Epson Printer to connect.

  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the Bluetooth Device Setup.

💡 For additional help pairing via Bluetooth, please refer to pg. 42 of the Technical Reference Guide.

Step 3: Connect the Epson TM-M30ii Printer to Fresh KDS.

Once Steps 1 & 2 are complete and your Epson Printer is set up, the below steps can be completed in Fresh KDS.

  1. From the Fresh KDS app, navigate to Settings - Printers.

  2. Toggle On for Printing.

  3. Tap ‘Scan’ to search for your Epson TM-M30-ii Printer. Once detected, it will appear as an available printer.

  4. Tap to select the Epson printer.

  5. Enter a new Printer Name.

  6. Select 'Ticket Printer' as the Printer Option.

  7. Toggle On to enable Automatic Printing by Order Type, if applicable.

    • If disabled, a print option will be available for individual items on a ticket.

  8. Tap ‘Configure.’

  9. Tap ‘Test Print’ to verify the printer setup.

⚠️ Special Notes For Android 12 Users ⚠️

Android 12 requires App Permissions for Location & Nearby devices to discover Bluetooth Printers.

If running V. 2.21.15 or higher, Fresh KDS will prompt the user to allow Fresh KDS access to these permissions, or:

  1. On your Android tablet, navigate to Settings - Apps.

  2. Tap to select Fresh KDS, and tap App Permissions.

  3. Tap 'Location' and select 'Allow only while using the app.'

  4. Navigate back to App Permissions.

  5. Tap 'Nearby devices' and select 'Allow.'

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