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A - C


An administrator in Fresh KDS has global permissions for the Fresh Web Dashboard, including settings, billing & subscriptions, users, and all reports. A brand’s initial user is automatically assigned this role, and additional Administrators can be added as necessary.

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API stands for application programming interface, which is a way for two or more computer programs to communicate with each other. Fresh KDS can integrate with Square using API. The KDS Cloud API can also be used with third-party web applications to connect and receive orders.

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Brands are what we refer to as restaurants. 👨🏻‍🍳

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Brand Screen Settings

Brand Screen Settings are standardized display settings that can be applied to one, some, or all Fresh KDS screens.

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Once an order is complete, it can be bumped, or cleared, from the KDS screen.

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Bump Bar

A kitchen bump bar is a small device (similar to a keyboard) that can be used to select, move, or close orders on the KDS without physically touching the screen.

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Bump Time Reports

Our Bump Time Reports provide insight into the kitchen's performance, average bump times, and other KDS fulfillment metrics. Access these reports anytime using the Fresh Web Dashboard, or directly from the app if you have our Advanced Tier.

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Classic View

The Classic View display mode shows tickets in a simple, clean display. Orders are displayed from left to right and in one horizontal row on the KDS.

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Companies are what we refer to as legal entities. They can be used to group multiple locations.

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Cross Screen Communication (Screen Communication)

Cross Screen Communication lets you simultaneously clear orders on multiple KDS screens or forward orders from one screen to another; useful in assembly lines. This feature is available with our Advanced Tier Only.

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D - F

Fresh KDS App

​​Our Fresh KDS App displays orders on iOS and Android tablet devices. Download it for free from your preferred app store. Tip: Stay up to date by running the latest Fresh KDS app version.

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Fresh Web Dashboard

Our Fresh Web Dashboard can be used to access account information and manage billing & subscriptions.

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G - I

Hardwired Connection

Hardwired connections can be as much as 5x faster than Wi-Fi and are less prone to connectivity issues. You can make this happen by creating a wired network with ethernet cables and ports.

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I’m Here Notifications

“I’m Here” links can be sent to customers using our SMS Messages Feature (Advanced Tier Only). Customers can click the link when they've arrived for pickup to trigger a notification on the KDS Take Out View.

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J - L

Local Network

A Local Area Network (LAN) is a collection of devices connected together in one physical location, such as a building, office, or home. When Fresh KDS is set up as a printer, it displays orders using the local network.

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Locations can be used to differentiate between multi-locations, franchisees, or various outlets of your business. A subscription must be added to a location to enable its use.

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M - O


A modifier is a line item that makes a minor change or addition to a menu item. Modifiers often note side items, additives, or specific notes for the kitchen. In Fresh KDS, you can choose to strike through individual modifiers or the whole item at once.

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Order Tracker

The Order Tracker uses an Amazon Fire TV Stick to display a customer-facing screen. Orders from your KDS are listed in two status columns, ‘Being Prepared’ & ‘Ready.’ This feature is available with our Advanced Tier Only.

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P - R

POS (Point of Sale)

A Point of Sale (POS) is a system where a customer executes the payment for goods or services and where sales taxes may become payable. Fresh KDS integrates with some of the best POS systems in the industry.

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Printer Emulation

Printer Emulation refers to the ability to imitate settings from a printer. Fresh KDS integrates with many systems if set up as a printer in your POS. In most cases, this is the default connection option; however, Square can connect using Printer Emulation or Orders API.

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Private Address

Private Address tells your device to use a different, random MAC (media access control) address for each Wi-Fi network it connects to. When Fresh KDS is set up as a physical printer, a Private Address can prevent a connection with your POS.

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The queue is the line or sequence in which orders appear on the KDS. By default, tickets will display in the order received, from oldest to newest; however, all tickets can be rearranged.

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Roles allow you to assign groups of users permissions in the Fresh Web Dashboard. Roles are solely used for the Fresh web application, these permissions do not transfer when accessing the Fresh KDS app on tablet devices.

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S - U


A screen is another name we use when referring to your Fresh KDS Android tablet or iOS iPad. Tablets serve as "screens" and can be placed at any workstation in your kitchen, such as a Hot Bar, Cold Bar, Takeout Station, etc.

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SMS Messages

SMS Messages are used to notify customers of order status updates. This feature is available with our Advanced Tier Only.

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Split View

​​The Split View display mode organizes tickets by Order Type. (E.g. For Here tickets on the top; Pickup/ Delivery tickets on the bottom). Orders are displayed from left to right and in two separate horizontal rows.

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Static IP

A static IP address is manually configured for a device and does not change over time. Using a static IP address is helpful for businesses that use external devices or services that connect to the network via an IP address (rather than by name). It can also be used for added reliability, especially when multiple devices are linked to your KDS.

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Take Out View

The Fresh KDS Take Out Management View allows staff to expedite third-party orders, reduce wait times, and communicate updates with guests using a dedicated screen. Take Out View shows helpful information for staff working at a to-go station, such as Customer Name, Pickup Time, Vehicle Description, Delivery Address, and more.

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Tiled View

​​The Tiled View display mode shows the most tickets on a screen. Orders are displayed from top to bottom, left to right, and tickets fill in where they fit.

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Transition Times

Color-coded ticket transitions are used in Fresh KDS to help your kitchen stay on track. Set the time and color that a ticket will turn to indicate Caution or Late.

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Users can be added to any brand, company, or location in the Fresh Web Dashboard. Customize a user's permissions by using roles.

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V - Z


Webhooks can be used to send automated messages or information to a defined URL when an event occurs in Fresh KDS, such as when new orders are received or bumped.

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Zapier can be used with Fresh KDS to send orders from 3,000+ other applications, including WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Twilio. Zapier uses custom Triggers and Actions to create a "Zap."

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