The KDS Cloud icon will be crossed out when the Fresh KDS app is not connected to our services.

An OFFLINE connection can interfere with receiving orders (API connections), syncing settings from the Fresh Web Application, and SMS Messages, including "I'm Here" Notifications.
*If your POS uses the Local Network, orders will still transmit to an OFFLINE KDS.

To see if your POS system uses an API connection or the Local Network, click here.

Fresh KDS Offline / Online Connection

Fresh KDS will automatically discount & reconnect when:

  • A user changes the POS. (e.g. Square to Clover)

  • A user changes the Integration Type. (e.g. Square Printer Emulation to API)

  • A user edits Screen Communication rules.

After navigating back to the KDS Home Page, it may take 10-20 seconds for the KDS Cloud to reconnect and display ONLINE.

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