Fresh KDS V. 2.21.13 🚀

New Functionality

  • We've added a new setting called Strike Through Individual Modifiers - allowing users to tap individual modifiers on an order and strike through only that modifier.

    • This setting is enabled by default. Toggle off under Settings - Orders.

      * If using screen communication, the receiving screen will mimic strike throughs from the sending screens - regardless of receiving screen's settings.

Technical Improvements

  • Updated functionality for Fresh KDS and the Order Tracker to "clean up" orders that don't correctly move to the ready column of the Order Tracker.

  • Fixed a layout issue with the payment banner.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing some orders to duplicate when users switched between different POS selections in settings.

  • Fixed a bug causing the onboarding screen to not display instructions after the app was re-installed.

  • Fixed a bug causing some orders to not be displayed due to formatting issues on the SMS settings object.

  • Fixed a bug causing the KDS screen to show as offline after changing POS selections in settings.

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