Use our Fresh Web Dashboard to lock certain KDS screen settings and prevent local editing within the Fresh KDS app. (Available with versions 2.16.0 and higher.)

🔒 Locked Screen Settings

General Settings

Display Modes



Transition Times

SMS Messages

Order Tracker

*A pop-up message will appear when accessing Settings on a locked KDS screen.
Lock symbols will also show on restricted settings, and information is grayed out.

Local settings locked in Fresh KDS

How to Lock Fresh KDS Screen Settings

To start, log into your Fresh Dashboard. The header will display the name of your current brand; use the drop-down arrow to select a different brand if needed.

  1. Click ‘Let’s Go’ for Fresh KDS.

  2. Select ‘Screens' on the left navigation bar.

  3. Locate the preferred screen and click 'Edit.'

    *Use the drop-down to filter by location if needed.

  4. Toggle Off for 'Allow Settings to be Edited in App.'

  5. Click 'Update' to apply the changes.

Edit Screens in Fresh Web Application
Edit KDS Settings and Lock Local Editing
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