🌐 Using the Fresh KDS app requires a strong and stable internet connection.

❌ If you're experiencing network connectivity issues, Try this!

Step 1: Reboot the system

Conducting a hard restart or reboot of your entire system, including your modem and router, can solve many network issues.

Check the back of your modem and router for power buttons. If available, press and hold the buttons to power down the equipment. Otherwise, just pull the power plugs.

⏱ To fully clear the modem and router cache, wait 1-2 minutes before powering the equipment back on.

Step 2: Check physical network connections

If issues continue, check all physical network connections. Cables can easily become damaged, unplugged, or knocked loose in a busy kitchen setting. πŸ”Œ

Once verified, check the lights on the router and/or modem.

If no lights appear, the equipment might be faulty.

If a red or power light appears without connection, your provider could be experiencing an outage.

πŸ“ž Contact your ISP directly to verify service disruptions.

Step 3: Improve your connection / boost the Wi-Fi signal

The kitchen is a source of unfriendly metal surfaces and machinery that can interfere with Wi-Fi.

Investing in enterprise-grade Wi-Fi extenders and/or signal boosters can help improve performance. πŸ“‘

Hardwired connections are another alternative for faster, more reliable connections. To learn more, please refer to our hardwiring steps for iOS or Android tablet devices.

Step 4: Verify valid IP addresses

IP Addresses must be unique for each device on your network. Duplicate, exhausted, and static IP addresses that match can cause disruptions.

Unless using a static IP, both the IP address and DNS server should be configured automatically.

βš™οΈ If using a static IP address is better suited for your environment, please refer to these steps for assigning a static IP address.

Step 5: Explore solutions beyond the network.

If you’ve exhausted all resources and contacted your ISP for help, sometimes the answer isn’t even network-related.

The quality of your equipment and/or using outdated applications can directly impact performance. Stay up to date with device software installations and always run the latest Fresh KDS app. βœ…

🌐 If network connectivity issues continue, contact your service provider or device vendor directly for support.

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