📲 Customer Text Messaging is a feature available with the Fresh KDS Advanced Tier.

❌ If your KDS is not sending SMS Messages to customers, Try this!

Step 1: Restart your KDS tablet, POS, and Router to refresh the connection

The KDS Cloud icon will be crossed out when the Fresh KDS app is not connected to our services.

Fresh KDS will only broadcast orders if the KDS App is open. Minimizing the app, powering the tablet off, or allowing it to go into sleep mode will temporarily break the connection with your POS and can impact features such as SMS Messages.

💡 Network connectivity issues? Try this.

Step 2: Confirm SMS Messages are enabled

  1. From your Fresh KDS tablet, navigate to Settings - Messaging.

  2. If enabled, the SMS Messaging option will display as ‘On.’

    Please note: SMS Messages can be sent by order type. Verify applicable order types for each SMS option are enabled.

    Fresh KDS SMS Messaging Options

💡 Helpful Tips

Confirm you are using the correct SMS Messaging option.

SMS Text Messages can be triggered based on the following events:

*Click the links above to learn more about each SMS Messaging option.

🚨 Text notifications are billed at $0.0075 USD per message with NO monthly minimum. Charges for text usage are added monthly on top of your Fresh KDS subscription.

Step 3: Do not use marketing language

💬 Texts sent from Fresh KDS are for transactional communication only.

Custom SMS content can be personalized using wildcard options (@Ordername, @location, or pickupTime), but promotional, loyalty, or marketing language is prohibited and can result in delivery failure.

* If you've recently sent promotional SMS messages, contact our support team to see if we can help!

Step 4: Verify Fresh KDS receives the customer’s phone number

When ringing in a new sale from your POS, add the customer’s phone number as an Order Note or to the Order Name. If the number is not entered in the correct field, Fresh KDS cannot transmit an SMS Message.

* To verify if Fresh KDS has a customer phone number, toggle to the Take Out View.

If using Square - API, add the customer’s phone number as a note or to the name field. If adding to the name field, the phone number must come after the name (separated by a space).

*International numbers must follow the E.164 format:

[+][country code][subscriber number including area code]

e.g. +61293784328 (Australia)

Still no luck?

Contact our support team using the message icon at the bottom right of your screen, or email us directly at help@freshkds.com.

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