The speed of your Fresh KDS can depend on several factors. Check out these simple steps to help improve the efficiency of your KDS. ✅

Step 1: Hardwired Connection

A strong and stable internet connection is key for using Fresh KDS. Occasional hiccups or drops in the network can result in missed tickets or performance lags.

If your restaurant is prone to network connectivity issues, we recommend hardwiring the connection between your POS and Fresh KDS.

💡 Please refer to these hardwiring steps for iOS or Android tablet devices.

Step 2: Replace Outdated Equipment

The quality of your equipment can have a direct impact on speed. Low-grade or outdated tablets offer less processing power, which can cause delays.

Refrain from downloading unnecessary apps, and be sure to stay up to date with the latest software installations on your tablet device.

Step 3: Update the Fresh KDS App

We're continuously adding improvements that boost performance and efficiency. Update to the latest application version from your preferred app store to get the most out of your KDS.

💡 Discover what's new in our Release Notes.

Step 4: Reduce the Recall Storage Space

By default, Fresh KDS will store past orders under ‘Recall’ for 30 minutes. For restaurants that experience high volume, the default storage time can be too large.

To adjust the time, navigate to Settings - General, and set a desired Storage Recall Time.

*Please note: This step is recommended if running Fresh KDS on an older tablet.

Still no luck?

Contact our support team using the message icon at the bottom right of your screen, or email us directly at

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