Fresh Web Release 09/20/2022 🌐

Technical Improvements

  • Updated the number of days remaining in the web app free trial banner - this now uses the same logic as the Fresh KDS App.

  • If creating a new brand, Fresh KDS is automatically approved as a tool.

  • If creating a new subscription and Square is the POS, the system will automatically import the menu and set it to auto-sync at 5AM local time.

  • Loyalty, POS Orders, and Stored Value options are removed from the Square integration setup.

  • Added improvements for error handling on CardConnect API errors.

Bug Fixes

  • Monthly effective prices are rounded to two decimal places.

  • Fixed a bug where the CVV field was not always visible when viewing the payment form on a tablet device.

  • Fixed a bug preventing users from creating subscriptions starting today in the CS portal.

  • Subscription confirmation emails for annual subscriptions with price overrides now display the annual price instead of the monthly price.

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