Clover Online Orders are sent directly to your Clover POS (Remote Firing Device) and then to Fresh KDS (Remote Firing Printer) for display.

Don't see your Clover Online Orders in Fresh KDS? Try this!

Before you begin, please confirm:

  • Fresh KDS and Clover are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

    Fresh KDS will not work if you use your Clover device as a hotspot.

  • Fresh KDS App is up to date.

    Check the latest version (& release notes) here.

  • Clover POS is up to date.

Step 1: Restart your KDS tablet, Clover POS, and Router to refresh the connection.

Fresh KDS will only broadcast as a printer if the KDS App is open. Minimizing the app, powering the tablet off, or allowing it to go into sleep mode will temporarily break the connection with your POS.

💡 Network connectivity issues? Try this.

Step 2: Confirm Fresh KDS is set up as an Order Printer in Clover.

  1. From your Clover device, open the ‘Printers’ app.

  2. Fresh KDS will be listed as a Star SP700 printer unless previously renamed.

Need to add Fresh KDS as an Order Printer in Clover? Follow these steps here.

Step 3: Verify Clover Online Ordering is set up

When setting up Clover Online Ordering, we recommend referring to the Clover Help Guide. The setup process includes:

  1. Signing up for Clover Online Ordering.

  2. Setting up Business Information.

  3. Setting up Operational Information.

  4. Preparing your Online Menu.

Step 4: Manage Printing for Online Orders

During setup, Clover selects a default Remote Firing Device that receives online orders. This device then fires (sends) orders to a selected Remote Firing Printer.

⚠️ Changes to the Remote Firing Printer must be done from the Remote Firing Device.

To begin, locate the Clover Default Remote Firing Device.

  1. From any Clover device, open the ‘Setup’ app.

  2. Navigate to Online Ordering - Settings.

  3. The default device will appear under Remote Firing Device for Clover Online Ordering.

Next, select Fresh KDS as the Remote Firing Printer.

  1. On the Clover Remote Firing Device, open the ‘Setup’ app.

  2. Navigate to Online Ordering - Settings.

  3. Tap to select Remote Firing Printer for Clover Online Ordering, and select Fresh KDS.

  4. Verify applicable print options.

  5. Tap ‘Print Test Receipt’ to confirm the printer connection.

  6. Tap ‘Save’ to complete the printer setup.

*If your remote device is offline, you won’t receive notifications for online orders.

**If your remote printer is offline, online orders appear in the Clover Orders app, and you’ll receive an email notification from Clover.

💡 To learn more about Managing Print Options for Clover Online Ordering, please refer to the Clover Help Guide.

Step 5: Confirm Order Types are turned on in Fresh KDS.

  1. From your Fresh KDS App, navigate to Settings - Display Modes.

  2. Toggle On for all applicable Order Types.

Fresh KDS Display Modes of Order Types

Still no luck?

Contact our support team using the message icon at the bottom right of your screen, or email us directly at

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