Fresh Web Release 09/07/2022 🌐

Technical Improvements

  • Removed the payment step from Fresh KDS registration; Customers can now start a free trial without a payment method.

  • Added integration with FlyBuy.

    • Requires manual configuration in the database by a developer.

    • Customers receive an SMS message from FlyBuy with a link, which triggers updates to Fresh KDS.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where customers without payment methods could not edit subscriptions during the free trial period.

  • Fixed a bug causing the system to incorrectly reset the billing cycle day in Ordway if users edited the company name in Fresh Web.

  • Fixed a bug causing the payment model to reopen after customers entered payment information.

  • Updated the free trial web banner to use the location's current time zone for the remaining days.

  • Updated wording on the free trial web banner when the trial ends today/tomorrow.

  • Fixed a bug where the POS selection modal was visible behind the location selection when setting up a new Square subscription.

  • Fixed a bug causing the incorrect colors to display on Web screen settings. (if under create/edit)

  • Fixed a bug causing the color labels on Web screen settings to not display correctly.

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