Use Webhooks to send automated messages or information to a defined URL when an event occurs in Fresh KDS, such as when new orders are received or bumped.

Fresh KDS Webhooks can be used to send information to Google Sheets or Mailchimp, or even generate an SMS text if a KDS device is updated. The possibilities are endless! βœ…

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Check out this helpful explanatory article.

πŸ“£ How to Create a Webhook for Fresh KDS

To start, log into your Fresh Dashboard, and select Webhooks on the left navigation bar.

  1. Click β€˜+Create Webhook.’

  2. Enter a Webhook Name.

  3. Enter the Endpoint URL. (Webhook endpoints must be public, and this URL must belong to the receiving system.)

  4. Set the Retry Rules.

    • Number of delivery attempts.

    • Minutes between attempts.

    • Email to notify if attempts fail.

  5. Select the box of the Trigger Event.

    • KDS Devices - Created, Updated, Deleted.

    • Fresh KDS Orders - Created.

    • KDS Order Bumps - Bumped.

  6. Select the Fresh KDS location(s) to be included.

  7. Click β€˜Create’ to complete the Webhook setup.

Fresh KDS Webhooks
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