A static IP address is manually configured for a device and does not change over time.

By default, most devices will use a dynamic IP address, which is assigned by your network (DHCP) and changes over time. However, some environments can be better suited for using a static IP address.

Using a static IP address is helpful for businesses that use external devices or services that connect to the network via an IP address (rather than by name). It can also be used for added reliability, especially when multiple devices are linked to your KDS.

💡 Helpful Tips:

  • IP Addresses must be unique for each device on your network.

  • Default DHCP IP addresses range between 100 and 149. This means you'll want to avoid addresses between and when assigning static IP addresses.

*Please note: Networks can be configured in many ways. We recommend that you work with your network administrator or consult your router's manual for variations on the below steps.

⚙️ How To Assign a Static IP Address


  1. From your iOS device, navigate to Settings - Wi-Fi.

  2. Tap the information ‘i’ icon of your connected network.

  3. Under IPV4 Address, note the existing values of the following fields:

    • IP Address

    • Subnet Mask

    • Router

  4. Tap ‘Configure IP’ and select ‘Manual.’

  5. Enter a new IP address following a similar format as in step 3. (For example

    • *Using the exact generated IP address as noted in step 3 is not recommended.

  6. Enter the values of the Subnet Mask and Router as noted in step 3.

  7. Tap ‘Save.’

  8. Toggle Off ‘Private Wi-Fi Address’ and ‘Limit IP Address Tracking.’

  9. Tap ‘Configure DNS’ and select ‘Manual.’

  10. Tap ‘Add Server’ and enter or a desired DNS server address.

  11. Tap ‘Save.’


  1. From your Android device, navigate to Settings - Connections - Wi-Fi.

  2. Tap the ‘Cogwheel’ settings icon of your connected network.

  3. Select ‘View More’ to open the advanced settings.

  4. Tap ‘IP Settings’ and select ‘Static.’

  5. Enter a new IP address following a similar format. (For example

    1. *Using the exact generated IP address is not recommended.

  6. Tap ‘Save.’

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