Orders in Fresh KDS are designed to be cleared as you go.

💡 Not sure how to clear orders?

If this process does not work for your kitchen, orders can also be set to automatically clear at a designated time.

How To Auto Clear Orders

Navigate to your Fresh KDS Home Screen. Tap to click on Settings - Orders.

  1. Toggle On for Auto Clear Orders.

  2. Choose a time to clear all tickets.
    * We recommend choosing a time outside of business operations, such as 1 AM.

💡 Please note: Auto Clear Settings can also be updated for the KDS Screen via the Fresh Web Browser.

All orders will be automatically cleared daily at the noted time. ✔️
If the KDS app is closed or in sleep mode at the noted time, orders will be cleared the next time it is turned on.

💥 Auto Cleared Orders will not impact or trigger the following:

  • KDS Metrics

  • Cross-Screen Communication

  • Order Tracker

  • Automatic Label / Ticket Printing

  • Customer SMS Notifications

  • Webhook Messages

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