Use our Fresh Web Dashboard to create standardized display settings - Brand Screen Settings - for one, some, or all of your Fresh KDS screens.

🔒 Brand Screen Settings can also be locked to prevent local editing within the app. (Available with versions 2.16.0 and higher.)

⚙️ How to Create Brand Screen Settings

To start, log into your Fresh Dashboard. The header will display the name of your current brand; use the drop-down arrow to select a different brand if needed.

  1. Click ‘Let’s Go’ for Fresh KDS.

  2. Select ‘Brand Screen Settings’ on the left navigation bar.

  3. Click ‘+Create New Brand Settings.’

  4. Choose a Screen Settings Name and POS.
    Fresh KDS app versions 2.16.0+ can Lock Settings and set Storage Recall Times.

  5. Specify display options for the following features:

  6. Click ‘Create’ to create the Brand Screen Setting.

Fresh KDS Let's Go
Fresh KDS Create Brand Settings
Create New KDS Brand Settings

➡️ Ready to apply brand screen settings to a Fresh KDS device? Please refer here.

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