Create new companies for a brand in your Fresh Dashboard.

To start, log into your Fresh Dashboard. The header will display the name of your current brand; use the drop-down arrow to select a different brand.

  1. Navigate to Settings - Companies.

  2. Click ‘+ Create Company.’

  3. Enter the name of the new company.

  4. Click ‘Create’ to create the company.

An unlimited number of companies can be created for a brand in Fresh, but companies are not active without an attached location and active subscription plan.

How to Add a Company User

Assigned a user to a company to provide access to the company’s information. (Company billing, settings, brand integrations).

To start, log into your Fresh Dashboard and select Settings - Companies.

  1. Click 'Users.'

  2. Click ‘+Add Company User.’

  3. Search by User Name or Email.

  4. Click 'Add.'

Users must have an active Fresh account to be added to a company.

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