A brand's initial user is automatically given an Administrator role in Fresh.

By default, an administrator has global permissions for all current and future companies and locations. This includes settings, billing and subscriptions, users, and reports.

⚡️Administrator is the top-level role, noted as Level 1.

Fresh KDS Administrator Role

Multiple users can be assigned as an administrator in Fresh. Permissions cannot be modified, but administrator access can be specified by the company or location - instead of all.

  • Company - Administrators assigned to a company will have access to the company’s information. (Company billing, settings, brand integrations)

  • Location - Administrators assigned to a location will only have access to the specific location’s information. (Location settings and users)

How To Specify Admin Access by Company or Location:

To start, log into your Fresh Dashboard and select Settings - Users.

  1. Click ‘Edit’ of the intended user [administrator].

  2. To specify admin access by Company:

    • Unselect the box for ‘All Current and Future Companies.’

    • Select the box of the permitted companies.

  3. To specify admin access by Location:

    • Unselect the box for ‘All Current and Future Locations.’

    • Select the box of the permitted locations.

  4. Click ‘Update’ to apply the updates.

Fresh KDS Administrator Access

🔐 To prevent future security issues and account lockouts, Fresh recommends having at least two administrators when applicable.

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