If Fresh KDS is set up as a printer with Square POS or Square for Restaurants, you can add an internal kitchen-facing name to any item, variation, or modifier.

🌟 To learn how to create Kitchen-Facing Names in Square, please refer to the Square Help Guide.

Once kitchen-facing names are created, the printer settings must be enabled to display on your KDS.

Enable Printer Settings for Kitchen-Facing Names on your Fresh KDS:

  1. From the Square app, navigate to Settings - Hardware - Printers.

  2. Tap to select the designated Fresh KDS device.

  3. Under 'Use this printer for:'

    • In-person order tickets: Toggle β€˜On’ for Print kitchen names

    • Online order tickets: Toggle β€˜On’ for Print kitchen names.

  4. Tap β€˜Save’ to complete the changes.

Fresh KDS Printer Settings - Kitchen Names

πŸ’‘ Wondering if you should set up KDS as a printer or use API?
Check out our explainer articles on the different integration types to learn more.

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