🌐 Fresh Web Release 07/28/2022

Technical Improvements

  • We updated the confirmation page at the end of the KDS registration flow to reduce the amount of information on the screen and streamline next steps.

  • We updated the SMS note on the registration and KDS screen settings pages to use the correct pricing ($0.0075 per message with no minimum)

  • We updated tooltip on the SMS content creation page to list the available wildcards and include a disclaimer that the message should not include any marketing efforts

  • We added Arryved to the integrations list for KDS users

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug where customers would get a white screen if they attempted to view the messaging settings from the web app on a newly created screen

  • We fixed a bug where we were failing to delete old device connection logs

    • the connection logs are kept for 5 days

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