Fresh KDS V. 2.21.5 🚀

Technical Improvements

  • Added functionality to stay connected to KDS Cloud if under Fresh KDS Settings.

  • Updated wording on the KDS all-cleared screen.

  • Added an error message if an order fails to parse; "Printing Error - the issue has been logged" will now display as an item on the ticket.

  • Updated code to display the delivery pickup time + the fulfillment type as "Pickup" vs the delivery promise time + the fulfillment type as "Delivery" if tickets include the following line as a note: Courier pickup time: {date} {time} -{time}.

  • Added disclaimer text to the SMS content page to note messages are for transactional purposes only, not marketing. The disclaimer also lists wildcards.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing Clover orders to display as 12:00:00AM instead of the 24/hr format.

  • Fixed a bug causing the KDS Friendly Name to not sync correctly.

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