Check out your kitchen's performance, average bump times, and other KDS metrics from your Fresh Dashboard.

💫 Have our Advanced Tier? Access KDS metrics directly from your Fresh KDS app.

To start, log into your Fresh Dashboard, and select ‘Let’s Go’ for Fresh KDS.

Fresh Tools Dashboard

KDS Metrics Dashboard 📊

The dashboard displays a snapshot of orders, fulfillment speeds, and average bump times.

Filter by Date, Device, or Location. KDS metrics are visible for up to 30-days.

Ticket Counts 📑

View the total number of tickets (& fulfillment speeds) using the Ticket Counts Chart.

Hover over metrics to see how many orders were completed Fast, Medium, or Slow.

Fulfillment speeds are based on customizable transition times.
Need to modify ticket transition times? Please refer here.

  • Fast - Ticket is bumped (completed) before entering the ‘Caution’ period.

  • Medium - Ticket is bumped during the ‘Caution’ period.

  • Slow - Ticket is bumped after entering the ‘Late’ period.

Fresh KDS Ticket Count Chart

Average Bump Times

View the average bump times for all orders using the Average Bump Times Chart.

Hover over metrics to view detailed completion times.

Fresh KDS Average Bump Times Chart

Export Reports 📮

Export a detailed CSV file of KDS metrics using the ‘Export Data’ button. Filter by Report Type, Location, Device, or Date.

Reports with large data ranges can take up to 10 minutes to process. Once a report is ready, it can be found under ‘Reports’ on the left navigation bar.

Order Times Report 🕔

Use the Order Times Report to analyze slower service periods in the kitchen. View in detail the start and end times of orders.

  • Start - The time the order appears on the KDS screen.

  • End - The time the order is bumped.

Fresh KDS Order Times Report

Ordered Items Report 🧾

Use the Ordered Items Report to analyze if specific items are slowing down service in the kitchen. View in detail all items, quantities, and modifiers.

Fresh KDS Ordered Items Report

💥 Don’t forget - Tickets can be placed on hold to prevent impacts on your metrics.

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