Accidentally bumped a ticket that was not finished?

Tap the 'Recall' button, located on the left navigation bar, and select the order to recall back to your Fresh KDS screen.

Recalled orders appear in the front of the queue and show the recall symbol in the ticket header.

*Previously completed line items will remain crossed out, and the timer on recalled orders will continue where it left off.

Recall orders in Fresh KDS

Recalling Orders with Cross Screen Communication

If your kitchen uses multiple KDS screens, recalled orders will only appear in the queue of the specific KDS device from which its recalled on.

Recalled tickets do not send to additional screens once complete.

💡 To learn more about screen communication, please refer here.

Storage Recall Time

By default, Fresh KDS will store past orders under 'Recall' for 30 minutes. To adjust the time, navigate to Settings - General, and set a desired Storage Recall Time.

*If running Fresh KDS on an older tablet and are experiencing loading delays, we recommend reducing the Storage Recall Time to alleviate the processing power.

Adjust Storage Recall Time in Fresh KDS

💡 Need to change the order of a recalled ticket in your queue?

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