Fresh KDS V. 2.21.4 🚀

Technical Improvements

  • Changed the KDS Cloud indicator in the left menu to say "ONLINE" / "OFFLINE" instead of "KDS CLOUD"

  • Removed the internet connection requirement to enter the settings and added a pop-up indicating when an internet connection is needed to change specific settings

  • Added the ability to send "\n" via the API to force a new line. This is specifically useful in the special notes section if a visual separation of information is needed.

  • Added the field "originSource" to the KDS Cloud API and the ability to parse that out in the app such that the original source will be appended after the order name (i.e. if I place an order via DoorDash and it sends via the API the name on the order would be "Grace W. DoorDash")

    • Right now the only origin sources accepted are "DOORDASH", "GRUBHUB", and "UBEREATS"

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug related to connecting Bixolon printers to KDS running on Androids (in particular Kitchen Armor devices)

    • Note: The Bixolon has to be connected in the tablet settings for the tablet running KDS before it can be connected in the KDS app

  • Made the table in the KDS settings for available printers, screens, and order trackers to be scrollable in case there are many devices listed

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