Maximizing KDS screen space is important. ✅

In addition to our different display modes, you can decide what information is shown or how items are listed on incoming tickets.

How to Customize Fresh KDS Display Options:

Navigate to your Fresh KDS Home Screen. Tap to click on Settings - Orders.

  1. Toggle on/off to hide Action Buttons and Order Types.*
    *Turning this off can save space, but it does impact access to these functions. We always recommend leaving this setting turned on.

  2. Toggle on/off to hide Employee Name.

  3. Select how items are displayed on a ticket.

    • As Received - Items display in the order entered from your POS; Like items will only combine if entered consecutively.

    • Combine Like Items - Like items are combined irrespective of the order entered from your POS.

    • Single Line Per Item - Like items do not combine. Items are always displayed as separate line items.

  4. Toggle on/off to Strike Through Individual Modifiers.

    • Tap individual modifiers on an order and strike through only that modifier, not the whole item.

  5. Toggle on/off to Combine Orders.

    • Combines orders if multiple orders with the same customer name are placed within 5 minutes.

  6. Toggle on/off to Auto Clear Orders, and set a time.

    • Removes all orders at a designed time. E.g. At the close of business.

  7. Changes are automatically saved & applied.

💡 Please note: Order Settings can also be updated for the KDS Screen via the Fresh Web Browser.

Fresh KDS Order Option Settings

💡 Looking for even more customization options?

Advanced customization options for tickets can be set up in your POS. Since every POS handles this differently, we recommend checking with your specific provider.

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