If using Square - Orders API and have imported a menu to the POS Integration, Category Routing will be available. *Need to import a menu? Learn how.

Routing controls the display of Square Menu Categories on your KDS. This feature is ideal for kitchens using multiple KDS screens at different prep stations. 🥗 ➡️ 🍔 ➡️ 🥤

By default, Fresh KDS will display all tickets it receives. However, if your Square POS sends to multiple KDS screens, you can route only the selected categories to display on a specific screen.

How to use Routing with Square API:

Navigate to your Fresh KDS Home Screen. Tap to click on Settings - Routing.

  1. Toggle on/off by Category.

  2. Toggling off will temporarily disable the display on this screen.

  3. Changes are automatically saved & applied.

💡 Please note: Routing can also be updated for the KDS Screen via the Fresh Web Browser.

Fresh KDS Routing

💥 Category Routing is only available with Square POS - API Integrations.

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