Update the status of takeout and third-party orders under a single, unified display using our Take Out Management View.

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Once Take Out View is enabled, navigate to your Fresh KDS Home Screen.

  1. From the left navigation bar, tap to click β€˜Take Out View.’

  2. Tap to select an order and mark a status update - β€˜In Progress, Ready, or Complete & Clear.’

    • Mark as 'In Progress' to track orders that are started.

    • Mark as 'Ready' to initiate a Custom SMS Text Message to guests without clearing the order from the screen. (SMS Options for Advanced Tier Only)

    • Mark as 'Complete and Clear' to remove the order from Take Out View.

  3. Tap to click β€˜KDS View’ to toggle back to the Fresh KDS Home Screen.

πŸ’‘ Ready to enable this display view?

Updating Orders Under Fresh KDS Take Out View

πŸ’¬ Interested in using SMS notifications with Take Out View? (Advanced Tier Only)

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