Fresh KDS V. 2.21.3 🚀

Technical Improvements

  • Added two new order display options: "Single Line Per Item" and "Combine Like Items."

    • When "Single Line Per Item" is turned on, items with a quantity of more than one will be listed as many times as needed for the quantity of each line to be one.

    • When "Combine Like Items" is turned on, items with identical modifiers will be combined into a single line, and the corresponding quantity increased as needed.

  • Changed the screen communication functionality to maintain item/modifier clearing when a ticket is pushed from one screen to another

  • Added a new sound option called "Whistle" that can be used if the existing sound options in the app are too quiet

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a parsing bug causing OrderEm orders from Clover to not include order notes or order types

  • Addressed a bug causing Square for Restaurants course labels to not appear on tickets

  • Corrected the split screen image for light and dark mode to use the correct coloring

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