📲 If enrolled in our Advanced Tier, Fresh KDS provides the option to include anI’m Here” Link with Customer SMS Messages.

If enabled, an “I’m Here” link is sent to customers in the specified default or custom SMS message.

Once a customer arrives for pickup, they can click the “I’m Here” link, and a notification will be sent to your Fresh KDS Take Out Management Screen.

In Take Out View, a car icon will appear next to the order name, and an optional alert notification will sound.

💥 I’m Here Notifications will only display in the Take Out View; the car icon will not display on the Home KDS View.

Fresh KDS I'm Here Notifications

How to Send an “I’m Here” Link

To include an “I’m Here” link, SMS Messages must first be enabled.

💡 Need help enabling SMS Messages?

Please refer to our Customer Text Notifications (SMS Messaging) setup guide.

Once enabled, the below steps can be completed in Fresh KDS.

  1. From the Fresh KDS App, navigate to Settings - Messages.

  2. Select an SMS Message Option:

  3. Toggle ‘On’ to include the “I’m Here” link with the specified SMS Message Option and Order Type.

  4. Changes are automatically saved & applied.

Include I'm Here Links with Fresh KDS SMS Messages

💡 Please note - SMS Messaging, including "I'm Here" links, can also be updated via the Fresh Web Browser.

🚨 Text notifications are billed at $0.0075 USD per message with NO monthly minimum. Charges for text usage are added monthly on top of your Fresh KDS subscription.

🛑 SMS messages are for transactional communication only. Custom messages that include promotional, loyalty, or marketing language are prohibited and can result in delivery failure.

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