When using Fresh KDS with Square; the KDS screen can receive orders in one of two ways:

  • Use Orders API

  • Treat KDS as a Printer

The preferred setup for Fresh KDS with Square is using Orders API.

However, some environments can be better suited if KDS is treated as a printer.

Treat KDS as a Printer

When Fresh KDS is set up as a printer in Square, it works like a standard physical printer. It does not require internet and uses your local network to establish a connection.

This can be a helpful alternative if your restaurant has poor or unreliable internet access, but the connection can be more sensitive to local environmental factors, subject to occasional parsing issues, and if network issues occur, lost tickets cannot be recovered.

⚠️ The printer integration also displays Order Types (Square Dining Options) and supports using Open Tickets with Square, two limitations of the current API integration.

The printer integration type for Square can be selected during the initial setup or changed at any time from your Fresh KDS App.

To change integration types, navigate to Settings - General - Integration Type.

If setting up Fresh KDS as a Printer, please proceed with the following steps to complete the setup:

Step 1: Configure Fresh KDS as a Printer Station in Square.

Before you begin, ensure your Fresh KDS tablet and Square device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  1. From your Square app, tap ‘More’ from the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen.

  2. Navigate to Settings - Hardware - Printers.

  3. Select ‘Create Printer Station.'

  4. Enter a Printer Station Name.

  5. Select ‘Printer’ and select ‘Fresh KDS.’
    *Confirm the following are enabled under ‘Use This Printer For’

    • In-person order tickets - ‘On.’

    • Categories to print - Confirm all correct categories are selected.

  6. Tap ‘Test Print’ to verify the printer connection.

  7. Tap ‘Save’ to complete the printer setup.

Note: Follow these configuration steps on each Square device that sends orders to your kitchen.

❌ Don’t see your KDS as an available printer option?

Allow the Square & Fresh KDS app access to your Local Network.

  • iOS: Navigate to Settings - Privacy.

    • Select 'Local Network.'

    • Toggle On for the Square & Fresh KDS app.

Turn off Private Address on your device's Wi-Fi settings.

  • iOS: Navigate to Settings - Wi-Fi.

    • Select the 'Information (I)' icon of your connected network.

    • Toggle off for Private Address.

  • Android: Navigate to Settings - Connections - Wi-Fi.

    • Select the 'Cogwheel' settings icon of your connected network.

    • Select 'Advanced' to open the dropdown menu.

    • Select the option for 'MAC Address Type' and set it to 'Device MAC.'

💡For additional support with Square Printer Stations, please refer to the Square Help Guide.

Step 2: Confirm Order Types are turned on for display in Fresh KDS.

  1. From your Fresh KDS App, tap to click on Settings - Display Modes.

  2. Toggle On for all applicable Order Types.

Fresh KDS Display Modes of Order Types

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