If multiple orders are placed using the same customer name within a 5-minute window, the tickets can be set up to combine on your Fresh KDS screen.

Let’s say customer Bob orders a burger and a drink. 🍔🥤 Bob realized he forgot to order fries with his meal and returns to the register to place an additional order. 🍟

The Combine Orders feature will automatically merge Bob’s new order of fries with his original order if the following conditions are met:

  • The tickets are entered using the same order name. (+ phone number, if applicable.)

  • The tickets are entered within a 5-minute window.

How to Enable Combine Orders

From the Fresh KDS App, navigate to Settings - Orders.

  1. Toggle On for Combine Orders.

  2. Changes are automatically saved & applied.

💡 Please note: Combine Orders can also be enabled for the KDS Screen via the Fresh Web Browser.

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