Let's be real - Takeout Stations can get hectic. 🤯

With Fresh KDS Take Out Management View, staff can expedite third-party orders, reduce wait times, and communicate updates with guests from a dedicated screen.

Select the Order Types (E.g. Drive Thru, Curb Side, ToGo, etc.) to display on the screen at your takeout station.

The tickets will show under a single, unified display - called ‘Take Out View.’

Take Out View shows helpful information for staff working at a to-go station, such as Customer Name, Pickup Time, Vehicle Description, Delivery Address, and more.

*Note: This information is only shown under Take Out View and will not be shown under the KDS Home View.

💡 Ready to enable this display view?

Streamline Communication with our Advanced Tier:

Use Take Out View with SMS Messages and "I’m Here" Notifications to communicate order updates with guests.

  • Mark a ticket as 'In Progress' to track orders that are started.

  • Mark a ticket as 'Ready' to initiate a Custom SMS Text Message to guests without clearing the order from the screen.

  • Mark a ticket as 'Complete and Clear' to remove the order from Take Out View.

💡 Learn more about how to update orders in Take Out View.

💬 Want to update your Fresh subscription to gain access to SMS Text Messages?

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