Fresh KDS Setup

  1. In Fresh KDS Dashboard, navigate to Settings > Integration Tokens

    1. Create Integration token for RDY + Create Token

  2. In Partners, navigate to Merchant > Merchant Details > Devices

    1. Under KDS Integrations Section, click ADD INTEGRATION button

    2. Paste Integration token from (1a) in Access Key field, select Fresh KDS as integration App

    3. If Access Key is valid, a list of Fresh KDS locations associated with that key will appear. Click ADD for the appropriate location to configure Fresh KDS with RDY merchant.

      1. If you have the KDS on hand, SEND TEST ORDER will send an order to that device. Recommended to ensure the Fresh KDS Access Key and Location are configured correctly.

  3. Verify the integration was added to the merchant and place a test order through RDY

    1. Order will move to preparing state after showing on Fresh KDS (may take up to 1 min)

    2. Order will move to completed state ~30 sec after being cleared from Fresh KDS

  4. (Optional) - To route specific product categories to different FreshKDS devices, click on SETUP DEVICES

    1. By default, orders will be sent to all devices. Click “Sync Devices” to register FreshKDS devices with default configurations.

    2. Once devices are synced, select which product categories should be sent to each device. Click Save.

      1. If devices do not appear after clicking “sync”, refresh the page. If they still do not appear, there are no devices associated with this FreshKDS location

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