What is API Order Transmission mode?

The API Order Transmission mode allows you to get orders from Square via a Cloud API connection instead of printer emulation. The API is Square's recommended integration type so is less prone to parsing issues compared to printer emulation. API Transmission is better suited for environments with poor or unreliable wifi access and can recover lost tickets resulting from network hiccups.

API Transmission does not yet support open tickets, which are not yet supported by Square's API.

Why would I used API Transmission mode?

API Transmission is the default and recommended transmission mode for Square orders. It's easier to set up, and generally more reliable, specially for tablets connected via WiFi.

However, if you use open orders or have an unreliable internet connection, you may find better order transmission reliability & speed using an alternate order transmission method called Printer Emulation.

Setting up API Transmission Mode (Comprehensive Guide)

This guide covers the Square API setup process exhaustively. New customers who logged in with Square should instead follow the Square Quick Start Guide

  • Log into Fresh with your Fresh KDS email and password.

  • Navigate to: Brand Integrations

  • If you already have a Square integration listed, click Edit.

    • Note: if you are experiencing issues with orders, you may try deleting and re-creating a Square integration.

  • If you do not, click Create New Integration > KDS`Orders > Square

  • Check the boxes for Menus and Orders. Then save by clicking the blue button at the bottom.

  • Return home by clicking the Fresh icon in the top left corner.

  • Navigate to Fresh KDS > Let's Go > POS Integrations (in the left nav bar)

  • Ensure that your Square Location is attached to your Fresh KDS location. If not, attach them by clicking "Attach A Location":

Menu Integration (to enable item-level routing and all-day counts)

  • From POS Integrations, navigate to Menu Settings and click Add A Menu

  • Select a Fresh KDS location for this sync.

  • Select a Square Menu to import items from.

  • Exclude any categories which you do not want to import (Note, this primarily relevant for customers using other, custom API integrations)

  • Complete the Menu Integration steps again for each Fresh KDS location.

  • Select Menu Sync > Set AutoSync and choose a time between you end-of-day and opening time

API Transmission vs Printer Emulation

Here are some more technical details about the differences between the two transmission modes.

  1. API requires an internet connection to get tickets. Printer Emulation gets orders over the local network without an internet connection.

    • The API connection checks for new orders every 15 seconds.

    • The Printer Emulation connection receives orders as them are printed from the POS

    • The API connection is able to check for any missed tickets and retrieve them due to a gap in internet or WiFi connectivity. For this reason, it can be more reliable than printer emulation.

    • The Printer Emulation connection cannot recover a lost order if it is missed due to a network hiccup.

  2. API does not include the Square order types. Printer Emulation contains all order modes.

    • All API orders except for Delivery and Pickup orders are listed as For Here.

      • We have asked Square to update their API to include this information, but it is not currently available.

  3. API does not include open tickets. Printer Emulation prints tickets exactly as they would go to a ticket printer.

  4. API is less likely to issues when 'parsing' square orders.

    • The API is Square's preferred integration type and is therefore less prone to parsing issues

    • The Printer Emulation is more sensitive to Square's

  5. API does not require the KDS to be set up as a printer within Square

    • There is less set up required to use the API than to use printer emulation

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