❌ If Fresh KDS connects to your POS using the Local Network (Printer Emulation), but the KDS won't appear as an available printer - Try this!

Not sure if your POS uses the Local Network or an API Connection? Click here.

Before you begin, please confirm:

  • Verify the POS system in Fresh KDS.

    • On the Fresh KDS app, navigate to Settings - General; Point of Sale System.

  • Fresh KDS and POS are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

    Fresh KDS will not work if you use your POS as a hotspot.

  • Fresh KDS App is up to date.

    Check the latest version (& release notes) here.

  • POS device is up to date.

Step 1: Restart your KDS tablet, POS device, and Router to refresh the connection.

Fresh KDS will only broadcast as a printer if the KDS App is open. Minimizing the app, powering the tablet off, or allowing it to go into sleep mode will temporarily break the connection with your POS.

💡 Network connectivity issues? Try this.

Step 2: Allow access to the Local Network.

When Fresh KDS is set up as a printer, it displays orders using the Local Network.

The system may prompt you to allow communication over the local network on your initial login. If not, follow these steps to allow Fresh KDS and your POS access to the local network.

  1. From your iOS device, navigate to Settings - Privacy.

  2. Tap to select ‘Local Network.’

  3. Toggle On for Fresh KDS and your POS.

💫 Once enabled, close and relaunch the Fresh KDS App and your POS.

Step 3: Turn off Private Address.

When Fresh KDS is set up as a printer, a Private Address can prevent a connection with your POS.


  1. From your iOS device, navigate to Settings - Wi-Fi.

  2. Tap the information ‘i’ icon of your connected network.

  3. Toggle Off for Private Address.


  1. From your Android device, navigate to Settings - Connections - Wi-Fi.

  2. Tap the ‘cogwheel’ settings icon on your connected network.

  3. Select ‘Advanced’ to open the drop-down menu.

  4. Select the option for ‘MAC Address Type’ and set it to ‘Device MAC.’

💫 Once disabled, close and relaunch the Fresh KDS App.

*Optional* Step 4: Assign a Static IP Address.

Using a static IP address is helpful for businesses that use external devices or services that connect to the network via an IP address (rather than by name). It can also be used for added reliability, especially when multiple devices are linked to your KDS.

💡 Follow these steps to Assign a Static IP Address.

Please note: Networks can be configured in many ways. We recommend working with your network administrator or consulting your router’s manual for potential variations.

Still no luck?

Contact our support team using the message icon at the bottom right of your screen, or email us directly at help@freshkds.com.

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