KioskBuddy is a self-service ordering system used with Square POS. ✅

Send Kiosk Orders to your Square POS, and connect Fresh KDS as a printer in Square to display the orders.

💬 KioskBuddy orders can also be configured to support SMS Messages with Fresh KDS.

If using KioskBuddy, please ensure Fresh KDS is set up as a printer in Square.

💡 Need help? Please refer to our Square Quick Start Guide and select Treat KDS as a Printer for the Integration Type.

💫 The below steps assume you have created a Fresh KDS account and have a KioskBuddy account authorized with Square.

Step 1: Set up Fresh KDS as a Printer Station in Square With Automatic Printing

Before you begin, ensure your Fresh KDS tablet and Square device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  1. From your Square app, tap ‘More’ from the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen.

  2. Navigate to Settings - Hardware - Printers.

  3. Select ‘Create Printer Station.’

  4. Enter a Printer Station Name.

  5. Select ‘Printer’ and select ‘Fresh KDS.’

    *Confirm the following are enabled under ‘Use This Printer For’

    • Online Order Tickets - ‘On.’

    • Automatically Print New Orders - ‘On.’

    • Categories to Print - Confirm all correct categories are selected.

      ⚠️ Please note: If using this Fresh KDS to display orders entered on your Square POS, enable the option for In-Person Tickets.

  6. Tap ‘Test Print’ to verify the printer connection.

  7. Tap ‘Save’ to complete the printer setup.

Step 2: Enable Square Orders in KioskBuddy

To start, navigate to the KioskBuddy Configuration Home Screen.

  1. Scroll down to the Optional Order Settings section.

  2. Check the box for ‘Push new orders to the Square POS Orders tab.’

Once enabled, KioskBuddy orders will display on the Orders tab of your Square POS and be sent to Fresh KDS for display.

💡 For additional help sending Kiosk Orders to your Square POS, please refer to the KioskBuddy Help Guide.

*Optional* Use SMS Messages with KioskBuddy Orders

📲 Customer Text Messaging is only available with the Fresh KDS Advanced Tier. If currently enrolled in our Basic Tier, this feature will not be available.

To start, set up a Phone Number Checkout Flow in KioskBuddy.

  1. Toggle On to enable ‘Add Checkout Step to Square POS Order.’

  2. Enable SMS Messages in Fresh KDS.

*Please note: SMS Messages will only send to the enabled Order Types.

🚨 Text notifications are billed at $0.0075 USD per message with NO monthly minimum. Charges for text usage are added monthly on top of your Fresh KDS subscription.

🛑 SMS messages are for transactional communication only. Custom messages that include promotional, loyalty, or marketing language are prohibited and can result in delivery failure.

💡 Need additional help using KioskBuddy?

Please refer to the KioskBuddy Help Center.

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