App Improvements

  • Darkened the background color to add contrast and make tickets easier to see

Fresh KDS - Darker Background for More Contrast
  • Moved the Actions button to the left side of the fulfillment type bar to save space on the screen

  • Removed the colored border and reduced white space on the tickets to increase screen real estate

  • Bolded the item text to make the items and modifiers easier to identify

  • Added an "x" to the top right of each ticket to indicate that the header should be clicked to close a ticket

    Note: you can still click anywhere in the header to close the ticket!

Fresh KDS - Improved ticket layout to save space
  • Added an "active state" to tickets when performing actions to clearly indicate which ticket is being interacted with

    Fresh KDS - Active state during actions
  • Organized and cleaned up the takeout screen to make the selected ticket easier to read at a glance

  • Updated the takeout screen to highlight different information based on the order source and type

Fresh KDS - Updated takeout screen UI
  • Added the ability to show when an order has been canceled.

    Note: this is not available for all POS

  • Updated the Order Tracker settings screen within the Fresh KDS app to make setting up manual or automatic clearing more intuitive. Be sure to update your Order Tracker to version 1.1.0 to take advantage of new visual styles as well!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing tickets from OrderEm to exclude customer information in the header

  • Addressed an issue causing ticket notes from Applova to not appear

  • Fixed a bug causing Square tickets to display the wrong time

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