App Improvements

  • Scroll indicator for long orders on the take out view - if the order extends past the visible area there is now a gray bar at the bottom of the item section

  • Recall order storage time - this setting allows users to set how many minutes the tablet will hold orders for recall. The default is 30 minutes. Depending on how many orders a tablet processes setting this value too high could negatively impact performance

    Recall Order Settings (Youtube)

  • Customizable text messages by order type - for each messaging option the user has the option to set a default message or enter a unique message for each order type. If the location uses ToGo and sends the I'm Here links in texts they also have the option to turn the I'm Here link on or off for each order type

    Text Messaging by Order Type (Youtube)

  • Inject location name in text messages - if the user enters @location in the text message content the screen will inject the location's name (from the Tools location set up) when sending the message

  • Automatically print by order type - when configuring the printer (either for labels or tickets) the user can choose which order types automatically print. This will allow users to automatically print for to go orders without also automatically printing for dine in orders

    Automatic Printing by Order Type (Youtube)

  • Lock local editing - this setting is turned on from the KDS web portal. If it is on users will be limited in what settings they can edit from the tablet.

Web Improvements

  • Settings - recall order storage time, customizable text messages by order type, inject location name in text messages, and lock local editing can be configured at the brand level or screen level from the KDS web portal. These settings will sync down to the tablets

    Version 2.16 New Web Settings (Youtube)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed parsing on customer name for Clover online orders

  • Resend text button was not resending the text message

  • Fixed parsing on Square items when the character length is over 16 characters

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