App Improvements

  • In-App Printing - a feature that allows you to send tickets to a label or ticket printer, directly from the Fresh KDS app!

    NOTE: This feature is only available to users on the "Advanced" pricing tier. Users on the "Basic" tier will not be able to activate this feature without first upgrading to a higher tier.

    How do I use In-App Printing?

  • Integration with Cuboh - manage all of your online orders in one simple interface, and have them automatically display in Fresh KDS!

    How do I use Cuboh with Fresh KDS?

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected Issues with Orders Sent From Talech POS

  • Corrected Issue Where Notes from Clover POS Would Appear as Items

  • Added Custom Modifiers from Clover POS to Existing Modifiers

  • Improved Recall Screen Layout to Truncate Long Names

  • Improved Performance of Cross-Screen Communication Features

  • General bug fixes and stability/performance improvements.

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