App Improvements

  • Tile View - view more tickets on the screen! Additional tickets are placed under the previous ticket before going to the next column (as space allows).

    How do I enable Tile View?

  • Bump Bar Support - we now support Bematechus/Logic Controls KB1700 USB bump bar when using an official apple Lightening to USB adapter.

  • Active Ticket Count - total number of active tickets are displayed on the Fresh KDS orders screen.

  • Increased Volume - order alert tone is now louder.

  • Update Notifications - improved messaging/notifications when updates are available for the app.

Web Improvements

  • Metrics Per Screen - the Fresh Tools online dashboard now displays metrics for each screen (rather than per location), allowing for more detailed reporting.

  • Metrics Time Settings - Order Mode time settings from the Fresh KDS app are now reflected in the Fresh Tools online dashboard when viewing average ticket times.

Bug Fixes

  • General bug fixes and stability/performance improvements.

Fresh KDS Tile View - Settings
Fresh KDS Tile View Example Image
KB1700 Bump Bar
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