App Improvements

  • Take-Out View - route tickets to a second view on the KDS screen to keep track of orders waiting for pick up.

    This view also provides additional vehicle information for Curb Side orders placed through Although the Take-Out View tickets display the time open, the color of the tickets do not change as time passes, and ticket times do not impact the overall KDS metrics.

    How do I enable Take-Out View?

  • Mute Orders - temporarily disable a screen while it is not being used without causing printer errors on the POS.

    Since a Muted screen will not receive any orders there is no need to bump orders and the screen will not affect the reporting metrics.

    How do I activate the Mute Orders feature?

  • Screen Timeout - the app now disables the tablet’s power settings, which means when the KDS app is open the tablet will not go to sleep.

  • Square for Restaurants Integration - added support for tickets from the Square for Restaurants app.

Fresh KDS - Take Out View Settings
Fresh KDS - Take Out View Screenshot
Fresh KDS Mute Orders Settings
Fresh KDS Mute Orders Screenshot

Bug Fixes

  • General bug fixes and stability/performance improvements.

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