Fresh KDS is designed for simplicity, and the hardware requirements are minimal. ✔️

To get started, you’ll need an internet connection and a dedicated tablet device.

Check out our hardware suggestions below.

📱 Tablet(s) [Required]

Fresh KDS is compatible with iOS 13+ and Android tablet devices.

*It is not intended for phones or computers.

Download the Fresh KDS App for free from your preferred App Store.

🖥 Monitor(s) [Tablet Alternative]

Looking for a larger, durable display screen? 👀

Kitchen Armor offers PCAP Touch Screen Monitors that range up to 22” in size.

MicroTouch offers All-In-One Solutions up to 21.5" in size, as well as Android Controller options for use with non-touchscreen monitors.

The commercial-grade monitors are built to stand up to the elements in a kitchen environment and feature a sealed glass-to-edge touch screen with rapid and smooth touch response.

Kitchen Armor Monitors with Fresh KDS

⌨️ Bump Bars [Optional]

Concerned about greasy kitchen fingers touching the screen? 👆

Try using a Bump Bar!

Fresh KDS supports the Logic Controls KB1700 USB Bump Bar.

This easy, programmable bump bar is built with high-quality stainless steel dome disk switches and is enclosed in a special, durable plastic to withstand kitchen environments.

Fresh KDS Compatible Logic Controls Bump Bar

💡 Need help setting up your Bump Bar with Fresh KDS?

Please visit: Fresh KDS Bump Bar Setup

🛠 Mounting Equipment [Optional]

Protect your screen from the harsh kitchen elements with a heavy-duty case and/or tablet mount.

RAM Mounts offers a wide selection for nearly any tablet device.

🖨 Printers [Optional]

If enrolled in our Advanced Tier, Fresh KDS supports label & ticket printing with Zebra ZD410 and Bixolon SRP-S300 Bluetooth printers.

Fresh KDS Compatible Printers

💡 Need help connecting your Bluetooth Printer with Fresh KDS?

Please visit: Fresh KDS Printer Setup

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