Getting set up doesn't take more than a separate touchscreen tablet and an internet connection! Here are some of our favorites.

Common Tablet Displays

The most common KDS hardware is consumer iPad or Android tablets. Here are are our recommendation for each:

Recommended iOS / iPad Tablets

Recommended Android Tablets

Large Touchscreen Displays

We recommend the Kitchen Armor PCAP Touch Screen Monitor. They offer sizes from 10" up to 21.5.

Kitchen Armor's line is an excellent low maintenance solution which can handle the harsh kitchen environment.

Touch screens are easier to operate than bump bars, which are inconvenient, hard to clean and prone to malfunction. Kitchen Armor uses projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreens which are highly responsive and do not require pressure to register contact.

Kitchen Armor's touch screen’s glass front panel is highly durable, easy to clean, responsive to gloved fingers and scratch-resistant. Furthermore, glass provides a brighter, sharper, and clearer image..

Physical Bump Bars - Optional

Fresh KDS supports the Bematechus/Logic Controls KB1700 USB bump bar.

The KB1700 is one of the most popular programmable kitchen bump bars on the market today. It's withstand the most demanding requirements of kitchen systems and other industrial applications.

The keypad is built with high-quality stainless steel dome disk switches that last more than 10 million cycles, and the unit is enclosed in special, high durability plastic that is UV-resistant which prevents color fading.

Tablet Mounting Hardware

We recommend the RAM Tab-Lock and Tab-Tight tablet enclosures from RAM Mounts.

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