Make changes to Fresh KDS subscription plans, including upgrading from the Basic to Advanced Tier, from the Fresh Dashboard.

To start, log into your Fresh Dashboard, and select ‘Billing & Subscriptions’ from the left navigation bar.

  1. Click ‘Manage’ for the Fresh KDS Location Subscription, or use the '>' icon to expand details for another location.

  2. Choose the updated subscription details (Basic/Advanced, Monthly/Annual, and the number of screens).

  3. Click ‘Update’ to apply the updates.

Don't see the option to manage your subscription?

Contact our support team using the message icon at the bottom right of your screen, or email us directly at

Access Fresh KDS Billing & Subscriptions
Manage Fresh KDS Subscriptions
Modify Fresh KDS Subscription Plan

Subscription upgrades are charged a prorated amount and will go into effect immediately. Downgrades, including changes from annual to monthly, will go into effect after your current paid-for period ends.

Note: If you’ve canceled all subscriptions, you will see 0 active subscriptions. Because Fresh services are paid in advance, your service will remain active through the service end date.

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