Need to delay an order? Put the ticket on hold. ⏱

Placing a ticket on hold will temporarily remove it from your KDS Home Screen and prevent it from impacting your fulfillment metrics (and your Kitchen!)

Let’s say a customer calls in an order for pickup in 30 minutes. If the kitchen only needs 10 minutes to make the order, you can put the order on hold for 20 minutes.

This helps keep your kitchen on track and food fresh for your customers! 🌯

How to put an order on hold:

Once an order is entered from your POS, navigate to your Fresh KDS Home Screen.

  1. Tap to select the Three Dots - Action Button for the ticket you’d like to put on hold.

  2. Click ‘Hold.’

    Put Orders on Hold in Fresh KDS
  3. Select the desired amount of time to put the ticket on hold.

    • Quick Set Time - Select from the list of preset times.

    • Custom Timer - Select a custom amount of time.

    • Custom Date/ Time - Select a custom date and time.

  4. Click ‘Confirm.’

    Customize Hold Times in Fresh KDS

Orders placed "on hold" are temporarily removed from the Fresh KDS Home Screen. They will automatically release at the set time and populate at the end of the queue on your Fresh KDS Home Screen (with a reset timer).

All tickets on hold can be found under ‘Holds,’ located on the left navigation bar.

How to manually release orders on hold:

Navigate to Holds, located on the left navigation bar.

  1. Click ‘Release’ of the order you wish to release manually.

  2. The released order will display at the end of the queue on your Fresh KDS Home Screen (with a reset timer).

Manually Release Orders On Hold
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