On Hold is a feature that allows you to temporarily "hold" a ticket for a pre-determined amount of time. This consists of removing a ticket from the screen and preventing it from impacting your metrics until you are ready to fulfill it.

Here are the steps to utilize this functionality:

  1. Click the Actions button (three dots) on the left side of the fulfillment bar to open the actions menu for the ticket you would like to put on hold.

  2. Click Hold to open the hold menu. In the Hold menu you have the option to put the ticket on hold for a preset amount of time by using the Quick Set Time module, to put the ticket on hold for a custom amount of time using the Custom Timer module, or to put the ticket on hold until a specific date and time using the Custom Date/Time module.

  3. Once you've selected the desired time the ticket should be on hold, click the Confirm button in the top right. If you no longer need to put the ticket on hold you can simply click the Cancel button in the top left to return to the actions menu.

  4. Once a ticket is placed on hold it will be removed from the KDS home screen and put in the On Hold container until it is automatically released at the desired time. If you need to manually release the ticket for any reason, simply click on the On Hold button at the top of the KDS home screen to view the On Hold container and manually release the ticket using the Release button on the left side of the pop-up.

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