📺 ➡️ 📺 Screen Communication is only available with the Fresh KDS Advanced Tier.

If currently enrolled in our Basic Tier, this feature will not be available.

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Cross Screen Communication lets you simultaneously clear orders on multiple KDS screens or forward orders from one screen to another; useful in assembly lines.

How to Enable Screen Communication

Before you begin, please confirm both KDS screens are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  1. From the Fresh KDS App, navigate to Settings - Screen Communication.

  2. Toggle On for Screen Communication.

  3. Tap ‘Scan’ to search for your additional KDS screen. Once detected, it will appear as an available screen on the network.

  4. Tap ‘Configure’ next to the preferred screen.

  5. Select the Communication Option you plan to use.

    • Multi Clear - When an order (or individual item) is cleared from this screen, it will also simultaneously clear on all KDS screens configured on the network. Multi-clear applies if bumping entire orders or striking through items and modifiers.

    • Send To Next Screen - When an order is cleared from this screen, it will appear on the next KDS screen configured on the network. Please note: To prevent duplicate orders, set up your POS to only send orders to the starting KDS screen.

Fresh KDS Enable Screen Communication
Fresh KDS Screen Communication Options

💡 Please note: Screen communication is a one-way connection. The current KDS screen can only communicate with the designated configured screen.

To enable communication both ways, screen communication must be enabled on both Fresh KDS devices.

If running Fresh KDS V. 2.21.16 or higher and Cross Communication fails, an error message will display at the bottom of the KDS screen with the name of the screen where the communication rule failed.

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