Fresh KDS screens can be placed at any workstation in your kitchen, such as a Hot Bar, Cold Bar, Takeout Station, etc.

The number of screens available for a location is based on your Fresh KDS subscription plan.

Add screens to your plan from your Fresh Dashboard.

Step 1: Update your Subscription Plan.

To start, log into your Fresh Dashboard, and select Billing & Subscriptions.

  1. Click ‘Manage’ for the Fresh KDS Location Subscription, or use the '>' icon to expand details for another location.

  2. Select an updated plan and number of screens.

  3. Click ‘Update’ to apply the updates.

Subscription upgrades are charged a prorated amount and will go into effect immediately. Downgrades, including changes from annual to monthly, will go into effect after your current paid-for period ends.

Access Fresh KDS Billing & Subscriptions
Manage Fresh KDS Subscriptions
Modify Fresh KDS Subscription Plan

Step 2: Set Up your New Screen.

Once additional screens are added to a plan, follow along with our Quick Start Guides to set up the new device.

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