The KDS Cloud API allows third-party web applications to connect and send orders to Fresh KDS.

☁️ KDS Cloud is available in Fresh KDS versions 2.13.4 and higher.

To get started, email us at to discuss your integration and next steps. Here is what to expect:

  1. Request access to our Sandbox Environment.

  2. Login using the provided credentials.

  3. Create an Integration Token in the Fresh Web Dashboard (Demo Account)
    Settings - Integration Tokens - +Create Token.

If creating an integration for your own use, repeat the above steps on the Fresh Production Environment.

If the integration is intended for customer use, the customer will need to complete the steps above on their Fresh Web account and supply you with the integration token.

Tokens are assigned at the account level and will be unique per customer.

⚠️ Please note: The Integration Token is required for all calls to the Integrations API. If the token is not valid or has been revoked, the request will fail with a 401 Unauthorized Error.

💡 To learn more about using KDS Cloud and the Fresh Technology Integrations API, please visit:

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