NOTE: This feature is only available to users on the "Advanced" pricing tier. Users on the "Basic" tier will not be able to activate this feature without first upgrading to a higher tier.

Fresh KDS can automatically update your customers via text message (SMS) based on the status of an order on Fresh KDS.

Before you begin:

For Fresh KDS to be able to message your customers via SMS, it needs to have access to the customer's phone number.

When ringing in an order, add customer phone number as an order note or order name.

If sending orders to Fresh KDS via the API, add customer phone number to the order note or or order name fields.

When adding the phone number to the order name field, the phone number must come after the customer name, and be separated by a space.

NOTE: for international numbers to parse correctly they will need to be entered in E164 format. For example: +61293784328 (Australia)

How To Setup Text Notifications

  1. Open the Settings Menu within the Fresh KDS app.

  2. Click on Messaging.

  3. There are three options for sending text notifications:

    1. Order Received SMS

      1. The text is sent when the order first appears on your Fresh KDS screen

    2. Order Bumped From KDS Screen SMS

      1. Only applicable to KDS View: The text is sent when the order is cleared (bumped) from your Fresh KDS screen

    3. Order is Ready for Pickup SMS

      1. Only applicable to Take Out View: The text is sent when the order is marked as "Ready for Pickup" on the Take Out view.

(Optional) Set Up Custom Message Templates

🚨 Warning about Text Message Content 🚨 Including promotional, loyalty, marketing language or URLs in your customer message templates will result in blocking by carrier spam filtering. To avoid this, do not use using promotional language and stick to transaction updates.

Once you select the type of SMS you'd like to enable, you can see the default message by tapping Default SMS Content. You can type in this field to edit the message sent to your customers.

In addition, you can add "@location", "@orderName" or "@pickupTime" without quotation marks in the text notification settings to include your Fresh KDS location name, order name or pickup time in the message!

(Optional) Setting up different "Order Received" messages based on Ready Time

You can further customize your Order Received message by sending a different message to "Soon" orders and "Later" orders.

To enable, tap Enable Messaging Based On Ready Time.

Update your Soon vs Later threshold by tapping Ready Time (minutes) and entering a number of minutes in the future, you'd like to use as the threshold for Soon vs Later orders.

Update the message sent to "Soon" orders by tapping Default SMS Content Under # Minutes and updating the SMS template. Then click save.

Update the message sent to "Later" orders by tapping Default SMS Content Over # Minutes and updating the SMS template. Then click save.

(Optional) I'm Here Notifications

I'm Here Notifications add a link to your SMS messages, enabling your customers to click a link to notify you when they have arrived to pick up their order.

Learn More and Setup I'm Here Notifications


IMPORTANT: Text notifications are billed at $0.007 USD per message with NO monthly minimum. For example, if you send 145 notifications in a month, you will pay $1.15 on top of your Fresh KDS subscription. This is because it costs us $0.007 to send each message - we are simply passing the cost along.

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