🖨 Label & Ticket Printing is only available with the Fresh KDS Advanced Tier.

If currently enrolled in our Basic Tier, this feature will not be available.

Fresh KDS supports Zebra ZD410, Bixolon SRP-S300, and Epson TM-M30ii Bluetooth printers.

To print labels or tickets from Fresh KDS, you must first set up the printer and then connect it to Fresh KDS.

💡 Need help with the setup process?

Please refer to our Bixolon SRP-S300, Zebra ZD410, or Epson TM-M30ii setup guide, or follow the steps provided to connect your printer to Fresh KDS.

How to Print in Fresh KDS

Once a Bluetooth Printer is set up and connected in Fresh KDS, a print option will be available from the Three Dots - Action Menu on a ticket.

Fresh KDS Action Menu

🖨 The available options for printing will depend if the settings for Automatic Printing are enabled.

  • If Automatic Printing is enabled, the selected order types will automatically print, and the Three Dots - Action Menu will provide an option to reprint the ticket.

  • If Automatic Printing is disabled, the Three Dots - Action Menu will provide an option to print individual items on the ticket.

💡 Learn more about Automatic Printing here.

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